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The HEARTbook Org.

As the Co-Founder and Creative Director of the HEARTbook Organization, a non-profit centered on using storytelling for social impact, I played a pivotal role in its inception and growth. I spearheaded the brand development, creating an inspiring identity and establishing a digital presence. My role included managing and executing two major fundraising and awareness events, which were instrumental in promoting our mission. I also led the publication of four thematic HEARTbooks, each exceeding 24 pages and incorporating calls to action for donations and engagement. Additionally, I devised and implemented fundraising strategies that effectively supported various causes and nonprofits, underlining the organization's commitment to making a tangible difference in the community.

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Brand Development

At the core of the HEARTBook Organization is my commitment to igniting a new era of support for heartfelt causes. With every stroke of design and narrative, the brand unfurls a spectrum of rich purples and a logo that mirrors the genuine anatomy of a heart—a symbol of our united drive and inventiveness. Here, creativity serves compassion, drawing together a fellowship of artists and storytellers dedicated to casting a spotlight on nonprofits' vital yet often overlooked work. 'HEART' is more than the brand's name; it's a reflection of my belief in pouring our whole hearts into the pursuit of good, weaving tales that touch souls, awaken minds, and move hands to action. This brand is my invitation to the world to turn our collective empathy into lasting impact through creative visual storytelling.

HEARTbook Volume 1: Hope for Nevaeh


"Hope for Nevaeh" tells the heartwarming story of a courageous 6-year-old girl battling a rare genetic disorder. Through the pages of this book, we rallied a community to support Nevaeh's fight, transforming her story into a beacon of hope and a call to action.

Campaign Overview

I spearheaded a comprehensive campaign that blended digital outreach with a hands-on fundraising event, nurturing a connection between the cause and the community. I personally crafted all visual materials, including the book's vibrant illustrations, and coordinated a unique art show auction, leveraging partnerships with local businesses and art students. The event was hosted at a scenic nature center, mirroring the story's backdrop, and featured interactive elements like a scavenger hunt along the trails, face painting, and a sweet touch of ice cream – all designed to engage, educate, and inspire attendees.

Role & Skills

Illustrator and Designer of the HEARTbook
Architect of Fundraising Strategy
Curator of Event Experience


Our collective efforts brought the pages of "Hope for Nevaeh" to life, reaching over 500 individuals with the book and raising $7,000 to aid in Nevaeh's medical journey. It was more than a campaign; it was a community uniting for a child's tomorrow.

HEARTbook Volume 2: 
Celebrate MiLife


In our second volume, "Celebrate MiLife," we wove a tapestry of resilience and awareness. This edition, brimming with narratives of hope and comprehensive mental health insights, aimed to lift the veil on mental illness and champion suicide prevention. Partnering with MiLife, I designed a logo that encapsulated their mission and brought their vision to life through this customized HEARTbook. My role involved curating heartfelt stories and pairing them with illustrations that spoke to the soul.

Campaign Overview

The book was unveiled at MiLife's annual fundraising gala, where it was embraced with a standing ovation for its creative and empathetic approach to such a critical topic. It served as a catalyst for conversation, a source of comfort, and a call to action, all bound together in a celebration of life and the human spirit.

Role & Skills

Designer and Publisher of the HEARTbook
Creator of MiLife's Wordmark Logo
Story and Illustration Coordinator


"Celebrate MiLife" reached the hands and hearts of many, reinforcing the message that every life is worth celebrating. The event was not just a fundraiser but a milestone in our journey to change minds, open hearts, and save lives through the power of compassionate storytelling.

HEARTbook Volume 3: Hope for the Homeless


"Hope for the Homeless," the third volume in our HEARTbook series, turned the page on indifference, urging a city to see the invisible. This edition was an amalgamation of raw emotion and hard facts, designed to dispel myths about homelessness and spark a movement of unconditional support. Anchored by the poignant words of "Can You See Me?"—a powerful poem by the founder of On Your Feet Detroit—the book wove together an authentic comic narrative illustrated by a seasoned professional with credits including Conan, DC, and Marvel comics.

Campaign Overview

I led a team of ten to craft a publication that challenged perceptions, styled to juxtapose the gloss of fashion magazines with the stark reality of life on the streets. This creative decision underscored the campaign's message: Now that we have your attention, can you truly see them? The call to action was twofold: to contribute materials and funds for essential supply bundles and to bring the human stories of Detroit's homeless community to the forefront.

Role & Skills

Creative Director and Project Manager
Designer and Publisher of the HEARTbook
Developer of On Your Feet Detroit's Logo
Coordinator of Professional Photography


Through a combination of compelling storytelling, strategic visuals, and targeted outreach, "Hope for the Homeless" was more than a fundraiser—it was a catalyst for change. We didn't just reach our goal; we created a continuum of compassion, providing over 250 individuals with resources and recognition and reshaping the narrative around homelessness in Detroit.

The Coloring HEARTbook: Coloring Hope

Bringing Color to Life

"Coloring Hope" is where creativity meets compassion. I had the joy of collaborating with artists to create a coloring book that offers a soothing escape to children in hospitals. Each page is a canvas for resilience, designed to bring a dash of joy and a palette of positivity to young ones facing tough times.

Creative Collaboration

Working alongside a gifted illustrator, I directed the creation of images that speak to the heart and ignite the imagination. Following their sketches, I meticulously designed and published the coloring book, ensuring it was both engaging for kids and a source of comfort during their recovery.

Spreading Joy

The finished coloring books have reached over 15 hospitals, bringing smiles and a splash of color to the lives of countless children. This project wasn't just about the books—it was about crafting moments of happiness and hope when they're needed most.

Social Media

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Professional Growth

Leading the HEARTbook Organization as Co-Founder and Creative Director has been a transformative experience, blending brand development, event management, and storytelling with a commitment to social impact. Each HEARTbook volume and campaign underscored the power of creativity in driving social change. This role enhanced my skills in design, illustration, and project management, deepening my understanding of empathetic marketing. Merging artistic expression with humanitarian causes has not only been professionally enriching but also personally fulfilling, emphasizing the profound impact of combining creativity with compassion in my career journey.

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