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The Narrative

I started the company's rebranding project by listening, learning, and developing a brand narrative. The narrative was aimed to find a cohesive purpose and messaging across all services and clearly illustrate how, why, and when the company fits into the client's journey.

Feinberg Brand Narrative
Feinberg Brand Guide

The Brand Guide

After a narrative was set, I worked closely with leadership to develop a comprehensive brand guide to enhance brand consistency and vision & mission clarity to the team.



With the brand foundation set, I wireframed and designed a website. With the company's audience base generally in crisis, I focused on user experience - enhancing clarity and ease-of-use.



Following the website, I developed marketing materials to follow the look and feel of the brand while differentiating the variety of services.

Social Media

& Paid Ads

With the refreshed brand and clear messaging, I created social media campaigns that segmented each service. I designed the ads and organic posts in both static and video format.