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National Kidney Foundation

In my capacity as a Freelance Designer and Project Manager with the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan (NKFM), I successfully led the development and publication of five comprehensive resource guides. Each guide, spanning over 180 pages, was meticulously designed for user-friendliness with features like tabbed sections for enhanced usability. My responsibilities extended from conceptual design to the production of engaging outreach materials, including QR code-enabled postcards, ensuring that the project's execution was seamless from start to finish. The goal was always clear: to create high-quality, visually compelling guides that improve access to vital health resources for Michigan residents.

The Print-Ready Resource Guides

Achieved the successful publication of five detailed resource guides tailored to both county and statewide audiences.

Focused on creating user-friendly guides, incorporating navigational aids like tabbed sections.

User Experience

Ensured each guide was accessible and easy to navigate, with clear layouts for quick resource location.

Project Management

Oversaw the entire process from design to distribution, aiming for a significant impact across the state.

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Product Development

As a Graphic Designer, I was tasked with the creation of an outreach postcard to enhance awareness and accessibility of NKFM's resource guides in Wayne County:

  • Employed vibrant brand elements and colors for an attention-grabbing design.

  • Integrated QR code technology for streamlined access to the digital guides.

  • Developed concise messaging to communicate the availability and usefulness of the guides clearly.



The outreach postcards effectively boosted community engagement with the guides and expanded the reach of NKFM's services within Wayne County, underlining the organization's commitment to health education and support.

Apparel Logo Development

In the role of Logo Designer, I collaborated with NKFM to develop a meaningful logo for staff apparel:

  • Worked closely with NKFM to align the logo design with their vision and values.

  • Created a design that encapsulated care for kidney health, blending it with the organization’s cultural ethos.

  • Ensured the logo resonated with NKFM’s branding, enhancing its identity and message.



The final logo, adopted for staff apparel, bolstered team spirit and amplified NKFM's dedication to kidney health. It increased the organization’s visibility internally among staff and externally in the wider community.

Professional Growth

In my journey with the National Kidney Foundation of Michigan, I've led significant projects and experienced profound professional growth. My role sharpened my expertise in user-centric design and strategic project management, deepening my understanding of creating impactful designs that resonate with community needs. This experience has enriched my skills in brand communication, enhancing my ability to make a meaningful difference in health advocacy and community support.

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