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Creative Director

At Feinberg Consulting, I steered a holistic rebranding effort as Creative Director, redefining the company's brand narrative to better serve those in crisis with a clear guiding presence in health and wellness. My strategic vision was brought to life through the design of a user-centric website and the development of targeted marketing materials, which significantly streamlined the client experience and bolstered our internal and external brand communication. This comprehensive overhaul not only simplified our complex service offerings but also markedly strengthened our market position and brand unity.

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Brand Development

As the creative force behind Feinberg Consulting's rebrand, I embarked on a mission to demystify our service offerings, ensuring that every employee and client could easily understand and articulate the role we play in their health journey. By delving into extensive research and crafting a brand story that positioned clients as heroes, I led the transformation of our brand narrative, culminating in a clear, consistent guide that resonated across all touchpoints. The outcome was a more approachable brand, simplified messaging, and a strengthened identity that solidly positioned Feinberg Consulting as an ally in wellness, significantly enhancing our communication and market presence.

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Website Development

In redesigning Feinberg Consulting's website, my goal as Lead Designer was to mirror the firm's revamped identity and optimize the digital experience for users seeking prompt, clear support during health crises. Through meticulous wireframing, I charted a user journey that was both intuitive and aligned with our new brand story, focusing on ease of navigation. The successful launch of this user-friendly site embodied not only our rebranded ethos but also improved user engagement, as evidenced by increased time on site and a higher rate of form submissions. This initiative was a cornerstone of our rebranding efforts, bringing to life a digital user experience that was both functional and deeply empathetic.

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Printed  Marketing Materials

As the Marketing Designer and Content Strategist for Feinberg Consulting, I spearheaded the creation of a suite of printed marketing materials, aligning with our rebranded identity. My focus was on crafting service-specific flyers, lead generation PDFs, and event materials, each tailored to the unique requirements of our diverse B2B and consumer audiences while maintaining brand consistency. These materials played a crucial role in enhancing our brand recognition, effectively communicating our range of services, and significantly boosting our lead generation and client conversion efforts, thereby elevating Feinberg Consulting's market presence across various sectors.

The Podcast

I led the development of the visual branding for their podcast, a key initiative designed to deepen trust and engagement with their healthcare services. My role encompassed the creation of a unique visual identity that resonated with Feinberg Consulting's brand narrative, tailored to fit the distinct medium of podcasts, involving both audio and video elements. This included designing captivating promotional materials and overseeing video production to maintain brand consistency across all platforms. The launch of the branded podcast series markedly enhanced Feinberg Consulting's visibility in the market. The adaptable visual branding suite I created spanned various platforms, including social media and video streaming services, significantly elevating the company's engagement strategy. This project played a pivotal role in reinforcing Feinberg Consulting's position as a healthcare authority, effectively simplifying complex health services for a wider audience.

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Digital Content 
(Social & Google)

In my capacity as Digital Content Creator and Ad Strategist at Feinberg Consulting, I successfully led the development and execution of targeted social media campaigns and Google ads, aligning with our refreshed brand identity. My role encompassed devising tailored content strategies for specific services, producing a dynamic mix of static and video ads, and managing storyboarding and video editing to ensure brand narrative consistency. These initiatives significantly enhanced service-specific awareness, user engagement, and led to effective Google ad placements for increased visibility and lead generation. Overall, my efforts were instrumental in fortifying Feinberg Consulting's digital presence, synchronizing with our rebranding efforts, and improving the customer journey across digital platforms.

A word from my colleagues. 


“In my work with Dan over the past few years, I have always been impressed by his creative abilities, brand design, marketing strategies, and overall work ethic. I would highly recommend his creative expertise to other companies or individuals looking to help their brand stand out.

—  Jenny Klonowski

    (Previous) CMO, Feinberg Consulting

Professional Growth

This role as Creative Director was a pivotal phase in my career, marked by leading a comprehensive rebranding effort and enhancing digital user experiences. This tenure refined my skills in developing clear brand narratives and designing user-centric platforms, as demonstrated by the successful website redesign and impactful printed marketing materials. Spearheading the visual branding for the podcast series and managing targeted digital content campaigns, I expanded my expertise across various media, significantly boosting the company's online presence and engagement. Overall, my experience at Feinberg Consulting was not only a testament to my ability to innovate and lead but also a period of substantial professional growth in empathetic brand communication within the healthcare sector.

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