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The Impact Report Company

The Impact Report Company was founded to provide innovative and user-friendly reporting tools to churches, enhancing their communication and operational effectiveness through clear, graphical reports and strategic consulting. As Co-Founder and Creative Director, I was instrumental in its inception, growth, and eventual acquisition. My leadership in developing a needed product, user-friendly customer journey, and lead-generation efforts played a pivotal role. My targeted email marketing campaigns significantly enhanced lead conversion, contributing to a strong brand identity and a robust digital presence.

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Brand Development

I conducted comprehensive market fit research in my multifaceted role, uncovering a need for specialized reporting tools within the church community. This discovery led to the development of a distinct visual brand identity and compelling marketing messaging. I created a cohesive brand strategy that aligned with our mission of clear and impactful church reporting, including logos and typography. My efforts as our marketing message strategist positioned The Impact Report Company as an essential partner for church leaders, solidifying its reputation as a leader in church communication and reporting.

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Product Development

Overseeing product development, I capitalized on my co-founder's church consultancy expertise to address a crucial church community need: effective and transparent communication. I developed a simple, graphically-oriented reporting tool, both digitally accessible and print-ready, focusing on streamlining the customer journey from intake to final product delivery. My initial design of template reports and subsequent leadership of a design team in creating bespoke reports for clients enhanced our efficiency and customer satisfaction. This product was key in empowering church leaders to better communicate and engage with their congregations.

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Website Development

As the Website Developer and UX Designer, I crafted a digital platform that reflected our new brand identity and messaging, focusing on user-friendly design and intuitive navigation. The integration of visual branding elements resulted in a cohesive and engaging online presence. I ensured the site was accessible and responsive, with features like service overviews and an explainer video to boost user engagement and lead generation. The launch of this website significantly enhanced user interaction and lead capture, establishing it as a central hub for our online presence and a vital tool for business growth.

Digital Marketing & Lead Generation

My role as our marketing lead involved implementing a digital marketing strategy centered on lead generation and customer acquisition. Working with my co-founder, I developed a value-driven lead magnet PDF that successfully attracted church leaders and nurtured them through targeted email campaigns. With their engaging content and personalized approach, these campaigns led to significant increases in engagement and conversions. This strategy expanded our subscriber base, generating 267 leads, and played a crucial role in the company's growth and acquisition, establishing a sustained pipeline for customer engagement and lead generation.

A word from my colleagues. 

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"I will continue to work with Dan because of his creativity, professionalism, and timeliness. I have enjoyed working with him and his group on multiple projects that needed design work and help with branding and marketing. I’m a big fan!"


—  Greg Gibbs

    (Co-founder) / Author & Consultant

Professional Growth

Concluding my journey with The Impact Report Company, I reflect on the invaluable lessons learned from co-founding a business, identifying a critical customer need, and developing a tailored solution. This venture sharpened my skills in collaborative entrepreneurship and problem-solving, emphasizing the importance of customer-centric innovation in driving business success and impact.

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