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Marketing Director & Lead Designer

Greko Printing & Marketing focuses on commercial printing and some distribution. Their ideal customer is small to large businesses. 

Some Notable Clients

I wear a couple of hats in my current position. 

I was initially hired to help grow the e-commerce division of Greko, Comix Well Spring; my contributions to the Greko brand had a significant impact in its growth. I'll start by sharing what I've done as the creative/marketing director.

Brand Development

Led the comprehensive visual rebrand of Greko Printing & Marketing, revitalizing the company’s identity and aligning it with its evolving market presence and vision for the future. 

Group 149284.png

Website Development

Designed and launched Greko Printing & Marketing's new website, resulting in increased user time on site and a higher rate of form submissions, aligning with the company's updated brand and expanded services.


Crafted a series of high-impact print ads for Greko Printing & Marketing, including a full-page spread in HOUR Detroit Magazine to broaden reach within Detroit commerce, a targeted ad for the Plymouth Chamber to engage local businesses, and an NHL Alumni Event banner to enhance brand visibility through strategic sponsorship.


Outside of attending events with a standard booth, I orchestrated immersive event experiences with custom-themed photo booths, offering instant print-outs and bespoke photo frames. This innovative touch not only delighted attendees but also significantly amplified our brand presence at Detroit's leading events, capturing valuable leads and expanding our email outreach with thousands of new contacts.

Sponsored Photobooth Events

Click each event logo below to see details.

Group 135397.png

Introducing the standard Greko Marketing booth setup.

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Mask Group 100445.png
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Segmented Target Market


I spearheaded a segmented marketing strategy tailored to the real estate sector, recognizing an opportunity within our existing clientele to boost lead generation. By focusing on custom marketing collateral services, we addressed the specific needs of realtors, ultimately enhancing our service offerings and cementing our reputation as a specialist in this niche market. This strategic pivot not only leveraged our existing relationships but also attracted a substantial new client base eager for tailored marketing solutions.


Dedicated Landing Page

Developed a dedicated landing page targeting realtors, showcasing Greko's expertise and offerings in real estate marketing solutions. 

Lead Generation

Designed a suite of customizable templates, streamlining the design intake process and turnaround time for real estate marketing collateral.

Print Marketing

Initiated attendance at realtor events, providing high-quality mockups of realtor-focused marketing materials to demonstrate potential end products. Collected emails and sent drip marketing campaigns

Email Marketing.png

Email Campaigns

Launched targeted email marketing campaigns, specifically designed for realtors, which enhanced client engagement, strengthened lead generation, and solidified Greko's position as a trusted partner in real estate marketing solutions.

Outcomes and Impact

Our targeted marketing strategy for the real estate sector at Greko Printing & Marketing elicited an exceptional response, markedly boosting the demand for our specialized services. The success of this initiative firmly positioned us as the preferred partner for realtors in search of professionally crafted printed marketing materials. By honing in on this niche, we not only elevated the quality of service provided to these professionals but also solidified our standing in the market, which led to enhanced customer satisfaction and significant business expansion.

Now, let's put on the lead designer hat.

In my dual role, driving marketing for both Greko Printing & Marketing and Comix Well Spring, I also wear the hat of Lead Designer, offering a unique blend of marketing acumen and design expertise. I lead by example, often directly crafting designs myself or guiding our team, always with a philosophy of putting marketing strategy before aesthetics. This approach ensures that our clients receive not just visually appealing, but strategically effective marketing materials that resonate with their target audience and drive their business objectives forward.

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